I go out, but I’m not used to being alone.
It’s the time of winter
Where it gets dark at 5 p.m.
It’s cold, but I never used to think about
The coldness until you weren’t here to keep me warm.
I still wear the same green coat everyday.
One month has passed
I still go to our favorite spot.
The one with the gold walls
You thought were ugly. The same color
As my hat that you said made my eyes sparkle.
The one with that old heater in the corner.
You would always stub your foot on it
Every time we left. The spot where
You proposed to me,
knocking over The bowl of fruit that sat on the window sill,
As you kneeled down.
Happy one year, darling.
There’s not a day that passes
That I don’t picture you sitting
In the wooden chair across from me.

2 thoughts on ““Automat”

  1. This is a beautiful, artistic statement about loneliness and or longing. I love how you intertwined the painting with this piece. Your imagery is absolutely good enough to stand alone but the graphic gives it a nice touch. Beautiful work!

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