What’s up, What’s happening?! So, the other day I was reading around and I found a quote that sums up everything about being in college. I go to UT Chattanooga and I love it here, but sometimes I miss home. I read this quote, and it gave me hope that one day it will all be worth it.

“College. Getting a good education, taking advantage of the situation and here to change the nation.”

Being in college is so stressful. You’re up all night trying to get homework finished, and on the go all day to do everything else. The atmosphere is so fast-paced here, and sometimes it’s really hard, but I would never trade it for anything.

The opportunities that come along in college are unreal, and the friendships that I have made are easily my favorite thing about college, and I am forever grateful for everyone I have befriended. I truly believe that people that don’t go to college are missing out on a great experience!

I hope to graduate with my bachelors degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations, minoring in English: writing in two years! Who knows where The Lord will lead me after that, but I know wherever it is, I will be happy. “It’s the little things..”

Very thankful for all of you here in Chattanooga, as well as back home! Hope you guys have a fantastic week! Byyyyyyeeeeee!

-The Halfrican


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